II. Please match these expressions with the response.

1) Could you lend me your motorcycle, please?

2) May I borrow your shoes?

3) Would you like something to drink?

4) Do You think health are important?

5) Can you take me to the drugstore?

6) Excuse me, Can you help me lift this box?

7) Do you want a coklat

8) Would you like to have some candies?

9) how far is it to the beach form here?

10) excuse me, Could you tell me how to get to the bus station?



1. hmm sorry i can't because I have to pick my sister up now.
2. oh,sure. with my pleasure
3. I'd like to drink lemonade
4. yes I do, because every healthy products are expensive.
5. yes I can, I have nothing to do now.
6. sure ma'am, where can I put this box?
7. i'd like to but I'm in diet
8. yes i like it, thanks
9. its not so far just 4 meters from here.