Enjum : hey how you doin' ?
Ma'e : heyyy... I'm doing good ... How about you ?
Enjum : I'm good too... What are you doing here ?
Ma'e : I'm watching a movie with my husband...
Enjum : oh really ? Me too..
Mae: what are you gonna watch ?
Enjum : Twilight... Some says its good film. And how about you ?
Mae : I'm watching Harry potter with my nephews . They adore potter a lot.
Enjum : yeah it's such an adorable film. I've watched that film last week.
Mae : really ? I haven't watched it yet...
Enjum : poor you. You should watch it .... And about twilight.. It's also a good film... It's rated 5 stars...
Mae : wow... What a film !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Gitu kali yach ?
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A: Hi how are you today ?
b: Hi I'm fine and you ?
a: I'm fine too by the way have you seen the latest series of Twilight ?
b: Of course I have,don't you know Twilight it's actually my favorite movie
a: Really?Well it's so good but my favorite movies is Harry potter
b: Oh yeah it's good too but I still prefer twilight though
a: I love the withces idea in Harry Potter movie I think it's so amazing
b: well I think vampires are awesome and Bella and  Edward's love story it just so awesome
a: yeah I must agree with that
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