Cinema is the place where we can watching the movie, that is have large screen, have comfort chair, and very nice.
bisa di tambah lagi ? minim 1paragraf
Cinema is very big place, we can find movie in Mall. But, before we in to the cinema, we must buy a ticket.
Cinema can watching everyone. because Cinema is Public Place, and we can watching with eat popcorn. Sometimes we caught glasses for 3D movies


Cinema is a place where we can watch a movie in front of a large screen with a lot of people. (?)
Thatre, is a public place that everyone van get inside. theatre provide the customer with a big screen so that eveeyone can feel difference with theatre , and watch in tv. Theatre need a big lot to be built, thats because of the screen, and another theatrical electric need. Theatre ussualy provide a great and famous movie all over the world. Segutu aja menurut saya...
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