Ini adalah Jawaban Tersertifikasi

Jawaban tersertifikasi mengandung isi yang handal, dapat dipercaya, dan direkomendasikan secara seksama oleh tim yang ekspert di bidangnya. Brainly memiliki jutaan jawaban dengan kualitas tinggi, semuanya dimoderasi oleh komunitas yang dapat dipercaya, meski demikian jawaban tersertifikasi adalah yang terbaik dari yang terbaik.
Yawning is an Impolite Action

Oftentimes, some of the students in my class are yawning in the class during lecturing time. This is a shape of natural phenomena and human habit, but some people have impression that yawning is an impolite action.

Some of us know that much of yawning is due to suggestibility and empathy. If a student see his or her friend yawn, so involuntary he or she yawn too.

Some people give opinion that yawning in public area is impolite action. Why it is impolite? We agree, because that attitude supposed as ignorance and irrespective attitude to the lecturer. Moreover if that happen in the class, it can hurt the lecturer indirectly and signify that it is a boring class.

Then, it is unusual habit in our culture, furthermore if yawning without close with our hand and it voiced.

Thus, yawning in the lecturing class is an impolite action, moreover if it caused and gives suggestion to another friend.

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