Jawaban paling cerdas!
Once upon a time, there was a poor fisherman and his greedy wife. They lived in a nasty dirty little hut and were so miserable.
One day, the fisherman went to fishing. He got a huge fish and suddenly asked him to freed the fish. So, then, he talked about that fish and his wife insisted him for visit the fish thenĀ asked what she wishes for; a little snug cozy cottage. After the enchanted fish granted it which told the fisherman came to his little snug cozy cottage.
However, his wife wasn't happy and wished for being an emperor who insisted her husband. Thereafter, the fisherman came again and begged the enchanted fish for granted it again. It was succeeded, the fisherman went to his castle and didn't back for a few time.
That night, the fisherman's wife was angry and insisted the fisherman for went again which wanted to be Lord of Sun and Moon. The fisherman came again with his annoyed face. At the time when he begged for, the enchanted fish turned them back as poor forever
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