See how well yuor respond to these has been done fore you as an example.
1. Is her name surtikanti?
Answer: ye, but we call surti.
2. Are your sundanese?
3. Are they farmers?
4. Is carla a taichi expert?
5.are you all german teachers?
6. Is your office on alan oto iskandar dinata?
7.were you born in denmark?
8. Is your hobby ski-diving?
9.are bento and martine ambonese?
10. Is your telephone number 8449985?
Ditunggu jawabannya??
Thanks :)



2. No, but my friend is a Sundanese.
3. Yes they are farmers.
4. No, carla isnt a taichi expert, but her mom does.
5. No, none of us are german teachers
6. Yes my office is at oto iskandar dinata rd.
7. no im born in indonesia
8. yes my hobby is ski diving
9. no they are not ambonese, but their grandpa does
10 no, i have changed my telephone number since last week