A: Hii...
B: Hi too
A: How are you?
B; Fine, thanks. Nice to meet you
A: Nice to meet you too
Tentang apa saja bolehkan?
A : Shall we join this contest?
B : Yes, of course. You know in this contest there some reward who interesting
A : Are you sure? What are the reward?
B : The reward are Thropy, Certificate and some money
A : Wow, how wonderful! I cery intersting to join in this contest!
B : Yeah, i'm too.. May we can to be a pathner to join this contest?
A : Hmm, okay. Yesterday i saw on the bulletin board remaining 2 days to entroll
B : Well, tommorow we can prepare to join this contest.
A : Okay, i think that's all, see you tommorow

Contestnya bisa diganti Speak Contest atau apa begitu, smg bermanfaat. Thanks
gpp kok mksih ya bagus kok teks nya =D
Sama sama ya