Grammar Bahasa Inggris:

- Drop it ____ ?
- You are too young to go alone ____?
- Let's have lunch at the cafetaria ___?
- You don't want to tell it to anyone ___ ?
- Youre mother can cook the limeal like this ___?
- You weren't listening ___?
- Ratu doesn't like mini skirts ___?
- You have a camera___ ?
/- Different from any girl at her age,Ratu rarely enjoys a joyride , ____?

ini dminta bikin question tag ya?


Jawaban paling cerdas!
Drop it, doesn't it?
you are too young too go alone, don't you?
You don't want to tell it to anyone, do you?
Your mother can cook the meal like this, doesn't she?
You weren't listening, were you?
Ratu doesn't like mini skirt, does she?