Maaf yah kalau salah

hi everyone! i want to tell my story with my mom and dad. one day, i'm travelling to the bandung. in there i see everything. but one day, i'm lost my parents in the mall. i'm looking for my mom everywhere. but i not find my mom. i'm so scare, then i run to the information. in there i tell my trouble with some people. and he said in microphone my name and my parent's name. then, my parent's come end take me.

maaf kalau salah boleh diganti kotanya
Last jully, me with my parents going to the zoo. Too many animals there, lion, elephant, tiger, snake, girrafe, etc. At 14.00 we are have lunch in a big tree. Unfortunatelly there were a big snake at the tree. Then, my father attack it. and my mother tell the zoo ranger. That is a unforgetable moment for me.