*In a restaurant*

Customer :"May I have the menu please?"
Waiter     :"here sir"
Customer : I want to order something delicious. what's the best food in this restaurant?"
Waiter     :"I SUGGEST   you to order Beef tenderloin steak sir"
Customer :"How much is it?"
Waiter     :"It's Rp93.000,00"
Customer :"Okay then let me have one"
Waiter      :" Do you want to pay with Mandiri~ ?"
Customer :"What is the advantages of using Mandiri~ ?"
Waiter     :"You will get free avocado juice and 15% discount"
Customer :"Okay then it means i'm paying with Mandiri~. Here's my card"
Waiter     :"Thankyou sir"
Customer :"You're welcome"

yang pas bagian "do you want to pay with mandiri?" itu bagian offernya krn dykan nawarin kl mau pake mandiri ato nggak