Make a short conversation based on these situations ,with expressing feeling too
1. you have a lot of homework and you feel bored and want some refreshments
2. you failed in your driving test three times . you are reluctant to take the test again.
thanks very much :)

tolong banget....mohon di jawab....siapa saja boleh menjawab...:( hae~


Jawaban paling cerdas!
A:Hi ... how are you ?
b:Hi too I'm fine how about you ?
a:I'm fine too it just there's so much homeworks I need to do and I feel bored with all of that stuff
b:I see how if you take a break ?I think you need some refreshment
a:yeah I think that's a good idea thanks
b:yeah you're welcome

a:Hi why are you look so sad ?
b:Hi well I just failed my driving test for the third times
a:oh I'm sorry to hear that
b:yeah it's okay
a:don't give up you need to take the test again I'm sure you can
b:well I don't know but I think I'll try the test again,thank you very much for your advice
a:yeah you're welcome
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