1. shinta smart but she no so beutiful
2. ayu beautiful but she lazy
3. i like read but i don't like swim
4. ulan can swim but she can't cycling
5. maya go to the beach but she doesn't go to the mountain
6. chika is ugly but she is diligent
7. santi like flower but she doesn't like animal
8. my father like drink coffe but he don't like eat
9. alya is clever but she is so arrogant
10. santi can write but she can't read
11. dika is handsome but he is poor
12. ani is clever but she is fat
13. rudi is thin but he is tall
14. i can cook but i can't drawing
15. anton like drawing but he don't like reading
16. rani want to give ita money but she don't have money
17. andi like music but he can't play the instrumen
18. my sister have 3 book but she don't have pencil
19. rina is tall but she is fat
20. dinda like movie but she doesn't like music
kalo ada yg salah maaf
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