Jawaban paling cerdas!
Iklan: 1.wear this foam and your face will clean from oil 2.wear this clothes and you will look cool 3.eat this burger....LOVE FAT 4.waer this make up and you will look beautifull 5.drink this you will feel like you fly pengunguman:attention please tomorrow wear white and blue uniform.attention please go to field.attention for anna your mother is waiting in class 7.attention we find some money is that yours.attention please go with the guide. peringtan:dont dare you look at him.dont to close with him.dont eat that strawberry thats poison.dont look at me.dont yelling. pesan:please tell him im here.dont tell him im here.please tell him i borrow this.dont tell him i borrow this.please tell him to check her phone. maaf klo kurang jelas
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