Anna :: Junee are you free next sunday ?
Junee :: Yea, I think so. Why ??
Anna :: Would you like to come to my birthday party
Junee :: Ohh Really ?
Anna :: Yeaah. It's my Sweet seventeen. I'd like to celebtrate it with my beloved  friend and my familly
Junee :: That's must be Great time
Anna :: Yeaa, you can invite someone else to come
Junee :: What about Ian ?? He likes you. Im gona invite him to come
Anna :: That's OK
Junee :: Im gonna come with him
Anna :: Yaeh, i've got to go.  I Must tell the others. Don't forget Sunday at 3 p.m
Junee :: Sunday at 3 pm. I'll be there honey .. :)

Friend's Birthday

B, C: Happy Birthday, Ana.
B: Blow the candles, Ana.
C: Blow them up at once.

B: Wait a minute. Let me take a picture of it.
A: Puh... (blowing the candles).
D: Hurrah... many happy days return!
C: This is present from me.
A: Thanks, friend

D: Lets cut the cake, Ana.
A: One for mother, this one's for father.
A: this one is for you.