Irwan:we will have...(1) after the second break
dea:really?did mr.john tell you about it?
irwan:no, I just...(2) that he tested in class XI A and XI D this, he must also be giving us a test
dea:luckily, we still have time to study
irwan:why do you look...(3)? don't you feel nervous about the news?
dea:why should we?we can't...(4)the situation by just feeling nervous, right
irwan:but there are many things which we should study
dea:I know, but if we study...(5), it will not be a big problem for us
irwan:so, it means that you are...(6)if there is a test?
dea:yup.I just need...(7)the materials once or twice
irwan:oh, I feel really...(8)if I can't do the test mr.john should have informed us before
dea:actually mr.john has told us that one day he will give a test without telling us before, right?
irwan:so, what should I do?
dea:well, I think you can study the materials which you consider...(9)first. then...(10) to help you remember better.
irwan:ok. thank's for your advice

b.regulary calm
d.make notes
f.the most important
g.heard assignment
i.afraid read English test



1. K
2. G
3. C
4. E
5. B
6. A
7. J
8. I
9. F
10. D

*maaf kalau salah.