Gni bkn :

let me introduce my self. my name is ....
Example "introducing myself"
             Hello my friends, Good morning. How are you today? i wish you all always happy.. Now, i wanna introcude myself.
First of all.... My name is Nydia Nurmasari. You can call me Nydia/ My nick name is Nydia. i was born on Jakarta, 1 July 1999. 
My father's name is .... . And my mom's name is .... . My father works as Director of insurance. And my mom is housewife.
I have 2 siblings.They are 1 elder brother, his name is .... . And 1 younger sister, her name is ..... .
My hobbies are travelling, reading book and cooking. I love my family so much... 
Maybe enough to introduce about myself. And the end of time, Thank you for your attention.