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Gary: You know.. Andy's not coming to our school for 3 days.. whats wrong with him?
Kenny: Maybe he has something to do..
Dira: i heard that he was sick and has been hospitalized for 3 days..
Kenny: Really??
Dira: yeah.. i heard it from my mom
Sheila: Ah.. so its the problem.. poor Andy... we need to visit him as soon as possible
Gary: But How..? and where's the.hospital?
Hadi: Dont worry, guys! you can go with me.. My driver can bring us there.. but.. Dira.. where's the Hospital?
Dira: At Siloam Hospital.. That's nice, Hadi!
Sheila: so.. when we can visit him?
Hadi: Tomorrow? or Sunday?
Kenny: Sunday would be better.. i will bring him some fruits
Gary: im gonna lend him some of my comics.. being hospitalized must be really boring
Hadi: Okay.. Sunday at 10 a.m. dont be late guys...!