Please bantuin ya, udah pusing banget nih soalnya... :)

E-pal , sound, (be) into, attend, commuter train, magnificent, half sister, mother tongue, distant, run

isi titiknya pake kalimat di atas

1. Samuel and sholeh are experienced in preparing a wide range of menus, from simple dishes like boiled eggs and fried rice to the difficult ones like the delicious rendang and rawon. They ... really ... cooking

2. Is it true that you went scuba diving in Bunaken National Marine Park in your holiday? wow, it ... really cool. I wish I could go there too

3. What I love about ... is that it takes us to our workplace and brings us home quickly because it does not get caught in traffic jam.

4. The government ... a television station which offers many useful programs and shows few commercials

5. The teacher and tge students were talking about the ... performance of GARUDA, the Indonesian national football team

6. Rudi does not understand the local languange. His ... is Indonesian

7. I am a senior high school student. Now, my childhood in kindergarten feels like a ... memory. I remember only few classmates

8. Nina and Ami are good friends at college. They used to ... the same school, from elementary to secondary

9. An ... is someone you make freinds with by writing emails. He/She might live in another country, so you might never meet him/her

10. Firda is now very happy to have a ... , a baby girl from her mother's second marriage

1. they are really into


1. are magnificent
3. commuter train
4. attend
6. mother tounge
7. distant
9. E-pal
10. half sister
3 4 3
wkwkkw sorry sisanya gue bingung
itu yg no 1 gaada are kan itu titik" ya isi buat kalimat titiknya itu yg atasnya
yang nomor satu kalo kata gue sih jawabannya are sama magnificent ga mungkin pake yang diatas
nomor 7 jawabannya distant
wkwk selesai kan