Me: ow, wait a second! Is it really him?
You: What? Let me see it. Um, i think i know him.
Me: Course u did. This is AJ. His 3 x 2 photograph is on today's morning paper. It means that he won the competition. His article publish up here.
You: Isn't that good. Your classmate has made it sent his article.
Me: We had a deal three weeks ago. We had a little compete. We agreed to sent articles to this company. And the one who fail will make such a silly declaration in front of our class.
You: What kind of silly declaration you guys mean?
Me: That.. me or him will admit that we have, um.. a special feeling each others. Cos everyone in our class known us as an enemy each other
You: Okay. That's silly.
Me: We always have competition in all stuffs, and now suddenly i have to say first that i like him. I feel silly
You: You both are silly..

As if right on newspaper articles that had you
it is true so what
you're so great, I really admire you, I was surprised and did not think that you can do it, but, congratulations on your success. I hope you succeed
  thank you