A: which one? the pink dress , the white shirt or the polkadot skirt?
B: The white shirt is not fit you well.. i prefer the polkadot skirt.. it looks sweet
C: The polkadot skirt looked so funny and silly.. c'mon.. the pink dress is the prettiest!
A: But i think.. the white shirt would be great for my new skinny jeans.. isnt it?
C: hmm.. i agree about it but.. The pink dress is limited edition..
B: Too expensive.. i think you should buy the white shirt.. i changed my mind.. the polkadot skirt is so silly..
A: but.. i love the pink dress too.. give me more advice...
B: you can buy the pink dress and the white dress..
C: yeah..! the white shirt isnt realky expensive rite?
A: well.. okay.. im gonna buy the.pretty pink dress and this white shirt..