Exercise is complete the sentences use: have to, has to, or had to in each
1. I want downtown yesterday because _____________
2. I can't go to the movie tonight because ___________
3. I couldn't go to pete's party last saturday because_____________
4. When I was in Junior High School __________________________
5. If you want to travel a broad _______________________________
6. I'm sorry I was absent from class yesterday, but ______________
7. Erica can't come to class tomorrow because _________________
8. I need a car because _____________________________________
9. When I worked in my uncle's restaurant ______________________
10. If you want to enter the university __________________________
11. We wanted to go on a picnic yesterday, but we couldn't because ________________



1. had to
2. have to
3. had to
4. had to
5. have to
6. have to
7. has to
8. have to
9. had to
10. have to
klo salah, jgn salahin aku...^_^
Trus itu nmer 11 pake apa?
had to kyk a...pkk nya, yg masa lampau pke had, i,you,they,we pke have.ahe,he,it pke has
ok thanks soalnya belum di jelasin sama guru makannya aku ndak tau