Attention please!
may I have your attention please?
hey, let's go to the canteen!
dialog? hmm ad tuh kyknya! tunggu ya aku liat dulu
yah kak :)
a. hay.. b. hay... a. may I have your attention please? b. of course, why not! a. do you like an apple? b. apple? no, I dont realy like apple! but I like grape.. a. owh.. oke! thanks for your attention! b. no problem!
thank's yah kak
Kalau Critax gtuhhh gmn ka???
Jawaban paling cerdas!
A: Excuse me, may i have your attention ?
B: sure, what can i help you?
A: i can't do homework. can you help me to do home work, please?
B: sure
A: thank you
B: Don't mention it

Sekian..... :D
klo aq dh lwt mw chapter II :D
maksud.a ???
pljrnnya sdh lwt di sekolh q :D
yhank's yah kak,, aqu dapat nilai 100 ^^
Iya Alhamdulillah :D :)