Buatlah dialog bahasa inggris tentang cara berterima kasih dengan kata :

1. get - a glass of water
2. buy - pencils
3. lend - money
4. return - dictionary
5. help - write the report

Example :
carry - a heavy box
A : Could you help me a carry this heavy box inside?
B : Sure
A : Thank you
B : You're welcome




Jawaban paling cerdas!
1- A: "Can you help me to get a glass of water?"
B: "Sure."
A: "Thank you."
B: "Ur welcome."

2- A: "Can you buy me a pack of pencils, please?"
B: "Ok, just wait for a minute."
A: "Thanks"
B: "Ur welcome"

3- A: "I have not enough money to buy this stuff. Can you lend me some? I'll give it back to you tommorow."
B: "Ok"
A: "Thanks"
B: Ur welcome

4- A: I need that dictionary tommorow, can you return that dictionary to me this night?
B: "Yes, sorry for borrow it too long."
A: its ok

5- A: I didn't know much about this theme, can you help me to write this report?
B: Sure
A: thanks
B: Your welcomr
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