Hello alia let me in troduce myself my name is hannah i know your name from my friend caroline she told me that you sent her an email telling her that youwould like to have more pen pals from the us . i'd really like to be your e-pal yousound really cool!
i guess i'd better tell you something about myself fist i'm 16 years old and i attend thomas edison high school here in minneapolis minnesota usa i have two brothers and two half sisters and i'm the middle child my father died a few years ago so my mother runs the house and the family business my father was a barista
i have lost of hobbies i like music mostly classical music and folk music but i dont play an instrument i like sports especially tennis and basketball at school im in the basketball team and an iguana. they need lots of attention as you can image at school i have many hmong friends who were not fully fluent in english. their family moved here from asia . ia enjoy talking to them about our differenr cultures .my favorite subjects at school are art and geography i think i'd like to become a park ranger when i graduate , perhaps work for the national parks service
i haven't got much interest in fashion , although we have mall of america the biggest mall in minnesota we can reach the nall very easily a commuter trainruns every 15 munites buses also come from different directions we can also drive to the mall its much faster then going there by train or by bus
i dont like reading but i love drawing and painting how about you ? please drop me a line alia can't wait to hear from you !

apa yang harus dilakukan ya?
cari main idea sama details ny


Pertanyaannya apa? :)
main adea dri setiap paragraf
1st paragraph: Hannah wants to be Alia's e-pal
2nd: Hannah is 16yo and attending Thomas Edison HS. She lives in US with her mother, 2brothers, and 2half sisters
3rd: Hannah's hobbies are listening to music, tennis, and basketball. Her fav. subjects in school are art and geography. She wants to be a park ranger.
4th: Hannah doesn't like reading but she likes drawing and painting. Hannah wants to know more about Alia.
detailnya ada? :)