Mom:"dear,can you help me to buy some medicine?it's for your brother."
daugther:"sure mom,i will buy it,where?'
mom:'at the drug store."
daugther:'here is the medicine mom."
mom:"oh dear,thanks a lot for your help"
daugther:"it's ok mom,i like it"
aku gak tau lagi tapi ini yang aku bisa bantu wkwwk
ohh aku kira itu satu percakapan doang wkwwk maaf ya
1. Arie : Thank you ricky for give me chocolate
   Ricky : It's no problem
2. Arief : This is your pen had fallen
    Faishal : Oh,thank you very much arief
3.Soka : Hey, thanks ricky for your answer
   Ricky : Ok,no problem soka
4.Fariz : Hey,afik do you have a lot of money for me ??
   Afik : It's for you
  Fariz : Thank you afik you are my best friend
5.Aldo : can i brrow your eraser Will ??
  Will : ok,it's my eraser
  Aldo : Thank you Will
  Will : You are welcome