1 what' s the purpose of the text above?
2 what should be done firstly ?
3 what does the word THIS in line three refers crunch ?
4 what is combined with syrup ?
5 does the text above belong to procedure ?
6 how do you know it ?
7 classifly the text into its generic structure ?
tolong yha bingung pertanyaannya

1. to tell how to make popcorn crunch
1. how to make pop corn crunch


Bacaannya mana? itu seharusnya ada bacaannya
1. show  how to make popcron crunch
2. place sugar and golden syrup in a heatproof dish
3. the butter
4. popcorn, cereal and almonds
5. yes, it does
6. because it is show the procedure how to make something

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