Mengubah kalimat positive menjadi kalimat negatif.
1.John is happy.
2.John reads news papper in the morning.
3.My parents works every day.
4.Mrs.Taylor eats breakfast at 7 o'clock.
5.The exercise is easy.
6.The people are from California
7.He likes apples
8.She never comes late.
9.The student needs book for study
10.They know my name
Mohon bantuannya segera :)



1.john is not happy
2.john didnt read news paper in the morning parent didnt work everyday
4.mrs tylor didnt eat breakfast at 7 o'clock
5.the exercise is not easy
6.the people are not from california
7.he unlike apple
8.she always come late
9.the student didnt need book for study
10.they dont know my name
dalam simple presents tense beserta kalimat tanya
Jawaban paling cerdas!
John is not happy
John doesn't read news papper in the morning
my father doesn't work every day
Mrs. Tylor doesn't eat breakfast at 7 o'clock
The excercise is not easy
The people aren't from California
He dislike (doesn't like) apples
She ever comes late (kalimat positif)
The student doesn't need book for study
they don't know my name
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