Dewi:hai erwin.........?
erwin:well I m reading a n english book we're
dewi: wow............
erwin:not at all I just dont have anything else to do
erwin:bay the way,I m gowing to have a birthday party at my house this sunday I m thirteen now
erwin:happy birthday,dewi........... you're a teenager now
dewi:thank you,i'd like you to com
erwin:I'm terribly sorry ........... I have to go to my grandmother's house this sunday she is ill
dewi:I'm sorry to hear that,I hope she'll get well
when they are talking mira
mira:hi,what are you two talking about?
erwin:dewi is going to have a birthday party at her house this sunday
mira:really ?happy birthday,dewi
dewi: thank you ,mira...........
mira:................. .

B.I dont think I can
c.I'd love to
D.what are yo doing're,very diligent
F.would you like to come

tolllllllong banget ya please



Dewi: hi erwin, what are you doing? (D)
dewi: wow, you're very diligent (E)
erwin: congratulations (A) you're a teenager now
erwin: I don't think I can (B) I have to go to my grandmother's house
dewi: thank you, mira would you like to come (F)
mira: I'd love to (C)
the birthday party does hold on this sunday
can erwin com to the birthday party?why?
Erwin can't come to the birthday party because his grandmother is ill so he has to go to his grandmother's house this sunday.
maaf ya ane minta jawabannya 10 ,please
hah? maksudnya?