Kate : Where should we take a vacation this year?
Jack : Well, i'd like to go somewhere warm. How about the beach?
Kate : You want to go to the beach, again? We went there last year
Jack : Where do you want to go?
Kate : I want to ski this winter
Jack : How about a compromise? We can go to the Alps in Europe next April. Let's find a ski resort on a lake
Kate : Oh, yes, we've never been to Europe before! But i don't know if it will be sunny and warm then. I need to do some research first. That will help me make up my mind.

Where did Jack want to go?



Beach, karena keputusan awalnya beach. tetapi jawaban kedua berisi perjanjian atau perundingan yaitu ke resort ski di gunung alpen eropa
Jadi yang aku tulis beach atau resort ski di gunung alpen eropa?
beach gan. itu jack maunya beach
Oke. Thanks ya
sip :v