A ; Hello how about your feeling?
B : good
A : Can you come to my sister's wedding today at 6 p.m? Please because i need you come for see my voice cause i will sing in that party.
B: i am so sorry i can't cause i will deliver my mom to the dentis.
A : but you is my boyfriend please i need you come.
B : ok i promise will come. see you
A : see you
*you are my boyfriend
what do you think about that?
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Chika : Hello Rita, are you busy?
Rita : Hi Dina, hmmm, not really. I am just checking my homework before submit it.
Chika: Oh, but I need your help, would you mind to help me?
Rita : Sure, what I need to do?
Chika : I am wondering to know how to answer this question. For me, it’s quite hard and I hope you get an idea to make it clear.
Rita : It’s easy C.hika Let me help you.
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