The Enchanted

There once was a fisherman who lived with his wife in a small hut close
by the seaside. The fisherman used to go fishing everyday. One day, as he sat
in his boat with his rod, looking at the sparkling waves and watching his line,
all of a sudden his float was dragged away deep into the water. He quickly
started to reel in his line and managed to pull out a huge fish. “Wow! This will feed us for days.” Much
to his surprise, the fish started to talk and said,”Pray, let me live! I am not real fish; I am an enchanted prince. Put
me in te water again, and let me go! Have mercy o’ kind fisherman.” The
astonished fisherman quickly threw him back, exclaiming, “I don’t want hurt a talking fish! Go on! Go where came from.”

the fisherman went home to his wife, he told her everything that had happened
and how, on hearing it speak, he had let it go again.”Didn’t you ask it for anything!” said the wife. “No, I didn’t, what should i have asked
for?” replied the fisherman.

”I am surprised you
don’t realize what you should have asked for. We
live very wretchedly here, in this nasty dirty hut. We are poor and i am so
miserable. You should have asked for nice cozy cottage. Now go back and ask the
fish that we want a snug little cottage”, said his wife.

fisherman wasn’t sure about this but he still went to the seashore, sat in is
boat, went to the middle of the sea and said:

“O enchanted beautiful fish!

Hear my plea!

My wife want not what i want,

and she won’t give up till she has
her own will,

so come forth and help me!”

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