Maksudnya kopi ?

- one sachet of coffee
- hot water
- sugar
- cup
- spoon

1. Open one sachet of coffee
2. Put it into a cup
3. Put one spoon of sugar into the cup
4. Pour hot water into the cup
5. Mix with spoon

Coffee is ready to serve

How to make a cup of coffee:
ingredients: 1 teaspoon full of sugar
                  1 tea spoon full of coffee powder
                   one cup of hot water
equipment: one teaspoon
                 a cup with cup pallet
1. first preprae the ingredients
2.prepare the cup and add the sugar and the coffee powder on it
3.and then pour full the cup with a cup of hot water
4.stir them,and mix the coffee until to flatten
5. the finally put the cup of coffee in to cup pallet.now it's ready to serve