Kak buatkan sebuah dialog pendek dengan suasana "You plan to go to the movie this weekend. you ask several friends to go with you. Two of your friends definitely agree with you, but one other cannot wake up their mind." Tolong di bantu ya kak ^^



A (kamu) : "Hey guys! do you want to go to cinema with me this weekend?
B: "oh sure!!!"
C: "Oh, i would like to but i can't.. sorry, A"
A: "hhmm.. well, how about you, D?"
D: :Well.. I think I can :)"
A:"Good then :) C, are you really can't?"
C: "Yes, A.. I'm sorry, but i've had plans with my family this weekend :(("
B: "Ohh.. it's okay, C.. you can join us next time!"
A&D: "that's right! cheer up~"
C:"Sure, thanks anyway :D"

hmm.. sorry is this one is a little absurd but i hope this will help you :D
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