my name is .....
i am ......  years old
my hobby is....
i live in .....
nice to meet you
Hello ! Choi Minho
It was verry interesting to read your letter about your self and your hometown. I would relly like to be your pen friend.
I'am a fourteen year old school student from Tasikmalaya in Indonesia. Actually I attend an SMAN 9 Tasikmlaya just outside the city but my family live in Jakarta.
My favorite subjects are english study. I like english very much. As for hobbies I'm Really into songs and music. My Favorite boy Band is SHINee. I also like watching movies, especially K-Drama. The actor I like Is Lee Minho.
I'd relly love to come to Korea some day. a book that I've just read mentions that Seoul What about you ? do you want to visit my country ??

Nice To meet you :) Bye