1. R : look at what i've got!
S : what is it?
R : i found this rare flower from the forest yesterday.
S : .........Can i take a closer look?
R : sure, but make sure you don't touch the petals.
a. disgusting!
b. i am allergic to flowers.
c. awesome.
d. you are so cruel.

2. H : what do you think of the new school regulation?
M : ........
H : so you agree with it?
M : yes. they are all for our own sake.
a. i think we should obey them.
b. i don't think it is a good idea.
c. what do you mean?
d. i don't really aggre with them.

3. S : .........
K : to be honest, it is not really my type. i prefer the simpler ones.
a. are you serious?
b. what is your opinion about the new apartement design?
c. how about going to the mountain?
d. what do you think about that girl?

tolong dijawab yaa :)
besok dikumpulin soal nya :D



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