Christopher is visiting his classmate Jessica. At this time, Jessica is in the backyard of her house.Christopher :   Hi, Jess.Jessica :           Hi, Chris.Christopher :   what are you doing?Jessica :           well. I’m planting a rose now. Can you help me get the flower pot over here,                 please?Christopher :   yes, of course. Christopher takes the flower pot and gives it to Jessica.Christopher :   here you are.Jessica :           thank you, Christopher.Christopher :   you’re welcome. These flowers are beautiful. Are they all yours?Jessica :           yes. My mother bought them for me.Christopher :   oh, I see. By the way, would you like me to water the flowers?Jessica :           no, thanks. You don’t have to
A: xcuse me, may i borrow your history book please? i should finish my homework and i need that book 
b: oh of course
a: thank you very much
b:no problem