Make a simple dialog based on the situation.
the situation:
your class will perform in the coming school anniversary event.The class captain suggest to perform a pop song.but u don't agree with that. You prefer performing an english drama to a pop song. Please state your opinion and give the reason.

Help me please



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Class captain : friends! i have an announcement!
rest of the students : what is it?
class captain : have you heard about the school anniversarry event?
rest of the students : yes
class captain : we must perform something for that. and i think we must perform a pop song. any other opinion?
me : i don't think so. i think we must perform an english drama! cause i think an english drama is more interesting than a pop song.
class captain : okay then. what do you think friends?
rest of the class : yes. we think it will be great.
class captain : okay then. we will perform an english drama. we will discuss the practice after the school is over.
class : ok
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