Miss Konde: What an awful hair style you had, but its deathly COOL. Pink: I knew, but my fans love it very much..so, what u got in there (pointed to Miss Konde's head). Miss Konde: Ow, this is called konde, it's kind of trending in my country, Indonesia. Pink: I wanna get one, I'm sure it will be trending in Hollywood too.. Miss Konde: It will be, I'm so sure. I just can't imagine what its gonna be, blonde konde..? Pink: That's awesome..


Rara : hai ika,what a nice new hair style do you have! ika : thank you rara,it's a special design from my father. rara : it's made by your father? ika : yeah. what do you think about this? rara : actually,i'd like a long hair and straight ika : oh, my hair is curly and short. rara : don't mind me! i like your hair!! jadikan yg terbaik ya!!!