1. Harry : i have just reached the highest score in this game.
william : .......Nobody could beat my scores before.
Harry : No, i am not. look! you are the second now.
william : Aww.. man. now i have to play harder to beat you again.
a. i am so excited!
b. congratulations!
c. are you serious ?
d. you must be joking.

2. olive : finally i finished this book!
popeye : tell me what it is about.
olive : it is about a boy who survived the black magic. it only left a lightning scar on his forehead
popeye : Cool. ......
olive : he then went to a wizardry school to learn about magic ang beat the black one.
a. what happened next?
b. what did his parents do?
c. are you serious?
d. i am so bored.

3. meridian : ....... would you like to buy any girl scout cookies?
mrs.gaston : yes, i love girl scout cookies! how much are they?
meridian : they are $4 a box, ma'am
a. hello.
b. excuse me, ma'am.
c. look here.
d. i am from around here.

tolong dijawab yaa :)



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1)d.you must be joking.
2)a.what happened next ?
3)b.excuse me,ma'am.
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