Active and Passive
1. The teacher called Timmy to erase the whiteboard.
Timmy was called by the teacher to erase the whiteboard.
2. The young doctor has studied many different illnesses.
Many different illnesses have been studied by the young doctor.
3. The crime scene investigators were reviewing the evidence.
The evidence was being reviewed by the crime scene investigators.
4. My mother gave me a shirt.
I was given a shirt by my mother.
5. Tom has told Kimberly the bad news.
Kimberly has been told the bad news by Tom.
6. The advertisement told people where they should call for information.
People were told where they should call for information by the advertisement.
7. Modern methods of farming will hasten progress.
Progress will be hastened by modern methods of farming.
8. Our guest from Canada told us many exciting stories.
We were told many exciting stories by our guest from Canada.
9. The child's puzzled expression amused me.
I was amused by the child's puzzled expression.
10. You may divide the apple among the three boys.
The apple may be divided among the three boys by you.
semoga bermanfaat :)))