1.harman : my printer is not working well
ronald : really ?...................
harman: yes, may be it was just not in good condition that time. it was my fault that i did not check it first
a. you just bought it last week
b.we have to fix it
c. maybe you can ask rudy to have it repaired
2. wildan : excuse me ma'am ......? i can't hear you well from back here
teacher : yes, but maybe you should move to the front desk here, wildan
a. can you please come here?
b. could you please explain it again?
c. would you mind sitting beside me?
3. fahri:i am not sure that we will be able to play kite today
zahra : me neither ...... and the wind is not strong enough either
a. it looks like the rain is on the way
b. i am not so sure
c. i don't agree with you
4. nabila : my mother gave me this on my birthday
annisa : wow .......... it must be expensive
nabila : maybe. i don't know for sure
a. what a beautiful necklace you have
b. what is it?
c. what did she give you?



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. a
2. b
3. a
4. a

#sorry kalo salah :)