a:what's your favorite sport?
a:oh I almost forget I have to collect information abaut our friends birthday … by the way when is your birthday
b:my birthday ? I was born on December 19th 2001 and my best friend birthday is in September what abaut you?
a:my birthday is on august 17th and my best friend’s is on February 17th Is your mother’s birthday in February too? b:yes,your’re right she was born on February 2nd ok nice talking with you see you


Peter : hello, good morning.
kanya: good morning, what's your name?
peter: my name is peter.
kanya: where do you live?
peter: i live on jln. layur.
kanya: ok, good bye
peter: good bye
Ben : Good Morning!
Anna : Good Morning Ben! 
Ben : How are you?
Anna : Im good, how about you?
Ben : Im good too! 
Anna : Wow, it's really a long time since we met right?
Ben : Yeah, it's 4 years ago.
Anna : What are you doing now?
Ben : Im working as a teacher now.
Anna : Wow that's really nice Ben..
Ben : It is! Sorry I have to go Anna, it's really nice to meet you!
Anna : Oh okay, yeah it's nice to meet you too
Ben : Bye!
Anna : Bye!
A: Tia, do you like coming to my house
Doni : Good Morning , I am Doni
Lisa : Good Morning , I am Lisa
Doni : How Do You Do ?
Lisa : How Do You Do
Doni : Where Are You From ?
Lisa : I am From Padang And You ?
Doni : I am From Riau
Lisa : Nice To Meet You
Doni : Nice To Meet You Too