Nia : are you know where is the Capital Bank ?
Mela : I think it's near the Bright Cafe,isn't it ?
Nia : I doubt it,cause Bright Cafe on Jl. Sudirman,and Capital Bank on Jl. Pattimura,but I don't know where is Jl. Pattimura is ?
Mela : maybe Dina know it,I hear she live in Jl. Pattimura. 
*mohon dibenahi kalau salah ya :)
oh temanya ke pantai,di pertanyaan nggak ada temanya soalnya.
misalnya gini ya :
nia : would you join to go to Serang beach Hana ? Hana : it's sound nice nia,when is it ? Nia : I think sunday it's a great day,isn't it ? Hana : I doubt it 'cause I have planning for that day,I'm sorry I can join with you. Nia : I'm sorry for hear that,how about change the day Han ? when you can join with me ?. Hana : how about next week end ?. Nia : No problem,I haven't any schedule for that day,ok see you. Hana : ok see you and thank's
iyaa, makasii