Tolong jadikan conversation yaa!
You and your friend plan to buy a birthday gift for Helen. Ask your friend opinion about what to but and where to buy. One of your friend doesnt agree with the gift because it is too expensive.



Tika: Hi, guys. U know that Helen's birthday 2 days ago but we dont give her a gift.
Yola: Oooyeaa, i forgot it. 
Rina: So? What should we do?
Tika: Yea, we must give a gifts to her, because she invited us to join her birthday party, right?
Rina: yup. but what should we buy to her?
Tika: how about dress? i look in boutiqe yesterday, when i accompany my mother to shopping. Agree?
Rina: Yeaa, good idea. 
Yola: Waitt. I dont agree.
Tika: Why?
Yola: Because i think its so expensive.
Rina: So? What should we buy?
Yola: How about a book? i think if we give her a book, its hep her to much studyhard :)
Tika: Hmm yaa, okay. are u agree Rina?
Rina: Yeah, so agree.