Jawaban dari pertanyaan tentang dongeng the enchanted fish
1. did the fisherman like asking the fish for
wishes? how did he feel
about it ? do you think he could have done
something else intead of
going back to the fish again and again ?
2. the story doesn't reveal how the prince was
turned into a fish. what do you think might heve
happened ?
3. do you think the prince will stay fish forever ?
4. what happenes at the fisherman's wife keep
asking her husband to go back to the fish ?
6. what do you thing of fisherman'n wife ? do
you feek sorry for her? or do you feel angry with
her ? discuss
7. if you had a chance to rewrite the story end ?
write your ending of the story.
8. imagine you are the fish in the story . can you
narrate the story from his point of view ?
9. what lesson did you learn from this story ?



Teks enchanted fishnya mana?