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Identified the expression below which is the suggestion, accepting or refusing suggestion Or giving offer, accepting or refusing offer.
For example : No, Thank. I'm Okay (Refusing order)
1. I hope you can visit the doctor soon
2. I don't think so
3. Can I take something for you eat?
4. What a good idea!
5. I don't feel like it
6. May I take your order?
7. No, thank you
8. Don't you think it is a good idea to watch TV?
9. Would you like piece of cake as well
10. What an awful / bad idea!
11. What would you like for desert?
12. I'm full to be honest. Thanks anyway
13. That sounds like a good idea
14. Why don't we do our homework?
15. Yes please, that would be great.



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1. suggestion
2. refusing suggestion
3. giving offer
4. accepting suggestion
5. refusing offer
6. giving offer
7. refusing offer
8. suggestion
9. giving offer
10. refusing sugestion
11. giving offer
12. refusing offer
13. accepting suggestion
14. sugestion
15. accepting offer
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