Andy : Hi, may I sit here?
Windy : Yes of course.
Andy : By the way, I am Andy.
Windy : Owh, I am Windy. What are you doing here Andy?
Andy : I am waiting for my mom.
Windy : Is she shopping in this mall?
Andy : Yes. How about you?
Windy : So do I, I am waiting for my mom too.
Andy : Really? So we have the same reason why sitting here.
Windy : Yaph. Are you a student?
Andy : Yes I am a student of English Department in University of Lampung. What about you?
Windy : I also a student of English Department too, but in another University and next year I hope I can graduate.
Andy : Nice. What’s your plan after graduate from that University?
Windy : Looking for a job and I aim to be a teacher in a high quality school. What about you? Will you graduate next year too?
Andy : Yes, I hope so. But I don’t know, I haven’t created my plan yet.
Windy : It should be planned from now. Where do you live Andy?
Andy : I live on Jl Sudirman 05. It’s near from this mall. May I know your home too?
Windy : Unfortunately, I live so far from your home. My home is located on Jl Teuku Umar street 45.
Andy : Good, that’s an elite living place, right?
Windy : Yaph, many people say that, but I don’t think so.  Andy, my mother has send me a message and I have to pick her up.
Andy : Really? Yes no problem.
Windy : Ok, nice to see you Andy. Andy : Nice to see you.
#aku tau nya 2 orang/ 6orang maap kak hanya ingin membantu terimakasih
#jangan lupa trimaksh kak