A : good morning Mrs. Nia
Mrs Nia : good morning A
A : Mrs. Nia, Lia's mother said that Lia cant come to school today because she is sick
Mrs. Nia : well im still gonna give her an A because she doesnt give me the letter of her absence or at least give me a call
A : oh i forgot that, this is the letter, Mrs.
Mrs Nia : Oh A i almost give Lia an A because you forgot to give me the letter
A : im sorry Mrs
Mrs Nia : oh its okay now back to your class the bell is ringing
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A's Mother : Hi .. Good Morning , This is A's Mother , I want to tell you , that my daughter won't come this day .. Because she's sick .. Im sorry
A's Teacher : hello .. Good Morning Ma'am .. Ok ... it's ok .. But make sure that she's responsible to the assignment here ... Hope she can be healthy as fast as she can
A's mom : i will , thank you
A's teacher : No Problem Ma'am
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