maksudnya?percakapan pembeli dan penjual di mall kah?
a: "Good evening, ma'am."
b: "Good evening."
a: "How much it cost?" *menunjuk barang yang akan dibeli*
b: "*sebutin harganya, misal: Rp. 40.000* It's fourty-thousand rupiahs"
a: "Are you serious? How expendsive it is! How about it?" *menunjuk ke barang yang lain*
b: "It's 25.000 (twenty-five-thousand) rupiahs. It's the good ones! Trust me!"
a: "Mmmmm, ok. I'll bring it."
b: "Thank you, sir! Have a nice day!"
a: "Your welcome."


A        :"What do you want to buy?"
B        :"I want to buy some bracelets"

B        :"Can I buy 3 bracelets please?"
Lady   :"Sure, Its Rp20.000,00"
B        :"Here's the money"
Lady    :"Thankyou, come back next time"