Fadli: Hi Dina, long time no see you. You do not come together with Handi?
Dina: Yes, I’m with Handi, he was buying something out there.
Handi: Fadli, how are you?
Fadli: Finally you come, I’ve been waiting for a long time. I’m fine, how about you?
Handi: I’m very well today and am very happy to hang out together with you. Does Ari have here? I haven’t seen it.
Fadli: I’ve called him and he would come in 5 minutes.
Handi: I cannot wait to see him.
Dina: Yes, me too. He said that his business is so wonderful right now.
Fadli: So, what do you do now?
Dina: I was working at an insurance company and now I’m trying a new hobby.
Fadli: I am curious about your hobbies. What is it?
Dina: Ask to Handi.
Fadli: Handi, tell me what your new hobby now? And I will tell my hobby that is very interesting for you to try.
Handi: Well, I’ll tell you but you must tell your new hobby later. We have a hobby called Jumping Stilts and known as an extreme sport and is currently so popular in Indonesia.
Dina: Yes, we join with community of Jumping Stilts Indonesia and practice every week at different places. We tried this hobby because there was a friend who was very good at doing Jumping Stilts. We were interested in, and then try it until now. What about you? What is your new hobby?
Fadli: I have a hobby that is not far from you. It is also an extreme sport that is so famous all over the world.
Dina: Let me guess, is it Parkour?
Fadli: No, this is a Bungee Jumping. A very extreme sport for your adrenaline.
Handi: We’ve heard for a long time and really got us interested. Can you tell me what places have you visited?
Fadli: Not many, but I’m very lucky to get a chance to try the beautiful places. I visited Bali in Indonesia. I’ve also been to Colorado, USA. It is the highest bungee jump in the world, positioned in 12th, located not far from the Grand Canyon National Park, USA. Has a 142m just above the Colorado River, right in the historic Navajo Bridge. With stunning wild amazing Grand Canyon make it a popular destination for bungee jumping.
Dina: Amazing. Your hobby is very spectacular and makes me want to try it.
Handi: You’re crazy, it was great! Hey, Ari has come.
Fadli: Ari, why you so late? You missed the story on Bungee Jumping in Colorado.
Ari: I’m stuck in traffic. How are you all? Pleased to meet you. Hi Dina? You’re here too?
Dina: Of course, we’re telling some of our new hobby. What about you?
Ari: Last week, I climb Semeru, and next week I wanted to Papua.
Handi: Climb Jayawijaya?
Ari: Of course, you want to come?
Fadli: Fantastic, you have a new hobby that is very interesting to try. I want to go with you next week. Incidentally, I want to take time off for a thing, but I decided to go with you.
Ari: Is that true? I’m very glad if you could come. I have not talked to you and feel a togetherness as it used to. What about you guys? Handi, Dina, come or not?
Dina: I am going to come, and Handi would participate also.
Handi: Hey, I have not decided anything.
Ari: You have to come Handi, if you have the heart to let Dina walked alone up the Jayawijaya?
Handi: Let me join you all.
Fadli: This will be an amazing experience. We have never gone together since 6 years ago right?
Ari: I agree with you. This will be the best experience we have ever had. Ready to go to Jayawijaya?
Fadli, Handi, Dina: Of course.